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20th – 21st June 2014 Znojmo, monastery Loucký klášter

Dear winemakers and wine merchants,

as the last year, the Czech Republic is organizing a world wine competition under high auspices of OIV, The International Organization of Vine and Wine, Paris. The competition organizer, Czech Grape and Wine Producers Association invites the participation of all wine producers and resellers of the ALL WINE VARIETIES from all over the world.

The 8th year of the international wine competition, „Oenoforum 2014, Czech International Wine Competition with
Special Sauvignon Award
" is in this way in line with the leading world competitions of 2014, and is linked to the previous ones from 1998, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2011, 2012 and 2013 and has been set up with the purpose of elevating appreciation of the world wide grapevine varieties - Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon and extended in 2012 to the varieties of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and 2013 to all grape varieties.

The goal of the competition is to elevate the significance of the all world wine varieties and especially underline to Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon wines, by the Sauvignon Trophy of the Oenoforum 2014

The „Oenoforum 2014, Czech International Wine Competition with Special Sauvignon Award“ brings a unique opportunity to compare wines from different European and world regions, which differ in their climate and soil type and in addition to that produced by various, frequently completely diverse technologies. The competition jury will be composed of the world's leading wine tasters representing OIV, UIOE (Union Internationale des Œnologues) and the best wine tasters of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Czech Grape and Wine Producers Association is organizing and managing the competition by support of the Wine Fund of the Czech Republic, The National Wine Centre of the Czech Republic.

The competition is organized in full adherence with the international standards of wine competitions, as issued by OIV resolution # 332A/2009 (OIV standard for international wine and spirituous beverages of vitivinicultural origin competitions).

Registration and completing the application on www.elwis.cz/en

Statute for download here

Important dates:

Deadline for submitting applications:19th May 2014
Deadline for accepting samples:9th June 2014
The competition takes place:from 20th June to 21st June 2014
Gala evening:21th June 2014
Official results published:28th June 2014

People of the Oenoforum 2014:

Dr. Tibor Nyitray – Competition president

Mr. Martin Půček – Competition director
martin.pucek@svcr.cz, +420 606 743 231

Dr. Luboš Bárta – Competition Ambassador

Dr. Martin Chlad – Marketing and sales promotion manager
martin.chlad@svcr.cz, +420 774 778 817


Results of the Sauvignon forum & Czech International Wine Competition 2013
Results by the category
Results by the applicant

To all applicants will be send all results of all entered wines into registered email in application form.

Order of the stickers
There is a posibility to order any stickers (Grand Gold, Gold, Silver) all awarded wines for a labeling. You have to fill in this form and send it to us to email svcr@svcr.cz

Order of the stickers (EN)
Graphical view of stickers (38*35 mm)

The price is 0,08 € (without VAT)/per piece. There is a discount by order:
over 2000 pieces - 5%
over 5000 pieces - 10%
over 10000 pieces - 15 %

Delivery by post or by personal takeover in Velké Bílovice

Payment by bank transfer (invoice) or cash.


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