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11th – 12th June 2015, Velehrad

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Results of the Oenoforum 2015, Czech international Wine Competition:

Results by categories
Results by applicants
Overview of all main winners


9th Annual Oenoforum Is Concluded

During the days 10th – 12th of June Oenoforum 2015 took place in Velehrad. Series of international events – conference and wine competition, once again set their mission to uphold the expert environment of European quality. Exceeding expectations, the conference attracted 84 attendees instead of the expected capacity of 80. The competition, despite the not so distinctive year 2014 attracted almost 350 wines from 11 countries.
International wine conference themed The Problematic Year 2014, lasted the whole 10th June, the first day of the event. The crowded Slovanský Sál on the grounds of Velehrad basilica saw 4 presentations of both domestic as well as international speakers. Those were an Austrian enolog and teacher Robert Steidl, Italian enolog Afredo Tocchini, German enolog Volker Schneider and duo of Michal Kumšta and František Mádl. The presentations each lasted for an hour and the topics were: the effect of residual pesticides on kinetics of fermentation; atypical aging of wine or the problematic year 2014 in the environment of Austria and Czech Moravia region. Each presenter also presented 2-4 samples that were related to the topic at hand.
You will rarely find topic that will at the same time interest all of the winemakers. But I am sure that the concept of this year did and we will continue in this direction. The combination of theoretical but also practical findings combined with the degustation of appropriate wines and open conversation is a step in the right direction. We are now discussing the expert’s guests for next year.” noted Tibor Nyitray, the President of Czech Grape and Wine Makers’ Association.
Competition named Oenoforum 2015 – Czech International Wine Competition took place between 11th and 12th of June, also on the grounds of Velehrad basilica. The general decrease in the number of competing wines (10%), caused by the weaker year 2014 did not diminish the quality of this venture. “We have received many compliments and thanks from both domestic but also international visitors, during the event, but also after it’s conclusion. This proves to us that the Oenoforum is a competition of high standard on par with rest of the Europe and a medium sized event with strong and stable level of professionalism and unique atmosphere. This is how Czech Grape and Wine Producers’ Association took over the Sauvignon Forum and I am very content that without compromise we are still keeping it that way.” adds Mr. Nyitray
Traditional majority of the wines were Sauvignon Blanc variety, but on its heels were wines of Riesling, Pinot Gris and Cabernet Sauvignon. There were many domestic wines from Slovácko sub region but also wines from Argentina or New Zealand. In terms of vintages, the majority of wines were from years 2014 and 2013. As usual, distinctively largest wine category of the competition was one of dry and white varieties.
The awards ceremony that took place on 12th of June in the evening, right in the courtyard of Velehrad basilica, was led by Miss Czech 2003 Lucie Váchová-Křížková.  Absolute winner of white wines, the Champion white title was awarded to wine Sommelier select Riesling, pozdní sběr 2013 CZE, batch number 3011, submitted by Makro Cash & Carry. Champion red title was awarded to wine Viňa Requinqua Cabernet Sauvignon Grand Reserve 2013 CHL, batch number L4142, submitted by CHATEAU-VIN s.r.o.
The rest of 14 awarded titles are attached to this report
As well are attached photos from both events (International conference, International competition – Oenoforum 2015).
Oenoforum 2015, Czech International Wine competition was once again under high auspices of OIV, The International Organization of Vine and Wine, Paris. One of the international tasters and observer of this organization, Mr. Gheorghe Arpentin from Moldavia expressed his sincere satisfaction with the organization of the event. He declared support for this competition from him as well as OIV in the upcoming year. The expected dates are again in June and as for the place of next year, we are deciding between two places that represent South Moravia and north Slovakia. We will see…
Both events were also under the patronage of governor of south Moravia, Mr. Michal Hašek and with support of Vinařský fond.
Gallery of photos for free use:
Statute for download here

People of the Oenoforum 2015:

Dr. Tibor Nyitray – Competition president

Mr. Martin Půček – Competition director
martin.pucek@svcr.cz, +420 606 743 231

Michal Šetka – Competition Ambassador
michal.setka@gmail.com, +420 603 547 758

Dr. Martin Chlad – Marketing and sales promotion manager
martin.chlad@svcr.cz, +420 774 778 817

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